Why Ertugrul Became Popular And Famous Show | Reasons and Facts

This historical drama series that has sparked a craze in world especially muslims is about the Turkish historical figure Ertugrul Ghazi and his struggle defend his Kayi tribal and homeland. The series is based on the history of the Oghuz Turks and Ertugrul’s mission to find a permanent homeland for his beloved tribe, the Kayi. During this mission his tribe fights Crusaders, the Mongols, the Byzantines and sometimes even enemies from among his own people. The protagonist is the very man who laid the foundations of the great Ottoman Empire. There are lots of discussions why Ertugrul became popular and famous show. The show is available at various platforms such as Netflix, Youtube etc. To get free premium netflix account click here.

The show  Drillis Ertugrul  or Resurrection Ertugrul began airing in 2014 on turkey’s public broadcaster TRT. It’s purpose was to bolster patriotism, chivalry, compassion, respect for elders and other virtues and ethics. The show has has gone viral in almost 150 countries in the world inspite of being banned in some.
So why is the rest of the world hooked on a show that was created for a local Turkish audience? Well, because this story is different. I’m not just talking about the cool costumes, horses or the historical feel. There are countless historical fiction series out there. But this one is centered in the Muslim world.

Reality Based Heroism.

What is certain about Ertugrul is that he was not a fictional character but a legendary man. His importance in the human world cannot be denied since his son Uthman was the man who founded the Ottoman Empire. All the charecters are played well and beautifully.

Muslims Potrayed Well.

We all know how Muslim men are usually portrayed in the entertainment industry. They’re the bad guys the terrorist the sidekicks or the extras and the women are portrayed as docile, weak and even oppressed but not in Ertugrul. It showed honesty and justice of Muslims is in real, rights of women according to Islam and much more realities which the media and cinema never potrayed before.

Ethics and Virtues.

It reflects the culture of Muslims and the Islamic world. The story also shows characters observing familiar Muslim rituals offering prayer, reciting Quran and praising God. It also depicts famous figures central to Islamic civilization, like Ibn Arabi, a sufian scholar from Andalusia who becomes Ertugul’s spiritual guide. But the series is resonating not just with Muslims, but with a global audience.

Political and Religious support.

Despite being banned in some countries, this show also got political support at international level. PM of Turkey Syed Toib Erdogan asked people of his country to watch this show. PM Erdogan further added, “If won’t tell people about our history, how would they know who we are”. Prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan also asked to broadcast it on the national TV. This became the biggest reason of fame of Drillis Ertugrul especially the muslim populated countries. Being banned in some countries also made audience curious about the show. Some Islamic religious scholors also recommended to watch this show addind that it is reality based and free of any faulty content. They said that it will remind everyone the glorious past of Muslims. That is why Ertugrul became popular and famous show.

Inspiring and Spritual Messages.

One of the main reasons is that there are so many spritual and inspiring messages in this series. These messages show why it is so important for a person to believe in Allah. In addition, the message of patience, gratitude and justice was conveyed to the people very well. The messeges are conveyed by main charecter as well as by others.

The stories of our Aslafs (forefathers) are told not to put children to sleep but to awaken men.Ertugrul
Be truthful with justice and good people, accept nothing but freedom. Your way is now open.Ertugrul
If you plant seeds of hatred, you will sow regret.Hayema Ana
If pain wasn’ the biggest blessing, why would Allah give it to his most beloved subjects, the Prophets.Ibn Arabi

The seed which does not allow its shell to rot, cannot bear fruit.Ertugrul

The most powerful conqueror on earth is justice.Ertugrul

Only those who can dream big can move forward on the path of victory.Ertugrul

Love story of Ertugrul and Halima.

Why Ertugrul became popular and famous show.

Love story of Ertugul and Halima is one of the main reasons why Ertugrul became popular and famous show. After reading many articles, I tried to find wheather the love story depicted is true or not. I didn’t get any straight forward answer. Whatever be the answer, this love story is one of the main reasons for fame of this show. Well, their story is beautifully presented with an Islamic touch. The story of Ressurection Ertugrul starts with the scene when Ertugrul rescues Halima and his father from Crusaders. Halima was a member of the royal family and was the niece of Sultan Allauddin. She decided to live with Ertugrul Ghazi and left the life of a princess, as her love and devotion. She remained with Ertugrul in his tough times even when he was exiled from the tribe.